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Efficiency home improvement local company They did our doors and windows. We were very happy with both the quality and installation. 1-833-839-4636.

September 2018
Jenny S. from Oak Hall-
they have many options much like a you’d expect from a “Big-Retail” window company AND their installation capabilities because they do all their own work, truly they have no outside or third-party labor. But the experience we had was much more personable and informal with a professional as well. Really ideal and have experienced over my lifetime A little bit of all the different types of home improvement contractors and companies. Efficiency Home Improvements Has a lot to offer, very experienced and it was just a pleasant surprise compared to everything we were told from people we had asked

September 2018
Eileen F. from Campbell Station-
We replaced our 3 panel slider with a Pella Clad Slider. The installation was incredible, it was like they were never there, they vacuumed and everything and were so nice through the process. Our sales people were extremely patient, highly recommend Jim and Katrina, they were very knowledgeable with style options. Also, a minor issue with operation was instantly fixed by the Pella service team and everything was perfect!
Teresa and Doug Cavener
EHI just did another job down the street for one of my neighbors and they couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately they are not technologically savvy and wanted to make a review so I said I would for them. They did their entire front of the house in what they said was the “mid-grade” Pella windows and they look fabulous. Like ours, they were almost 20% cheaper than anyone else we had come over for the exact same window.
Mary Evalyn W. from Bell Road West-
I talked to the homeowner and she was giving the guys absolutely raving reviews! She said she was impressed with how efficient they worked, how respectful they were and how professional they were! I got the exact same reviews from the ** job...they killed it as well! He told me they cleaned the jobsite in a manner which far exceeded his expectations. He was super impressed with their professionalism, friendliness, and how quickly they finished the job!
EHI does the installs for Trent Grubaugh, WDN
I want to recognize and complement the team..We have hand shaved hardwood and Brazilian Cherry floors and they were especially careful when moving furniture and covering the floors. I was particularly impressed with the team member mutual respect. Everyone had a task, and if they got it completed, they asked others if there was something they could do to help them.
William Berry